LE•O currently supports 33 Palestinian students as Service Recipients. They are generally new students from the Middle East who have been led to us for our wide range of services and support. They are separate from our LE•O scholars because they do not receive our academic scholarships. Some of our Service Recipients are also older graduate students that we have been working with for many years and still require assistance and advice.

At LE•O we believe in the strength of partnerships. We are a part of a network of organizations that work to prepare under-served Palestinian youth for higher educational opportunities starting as early as 10th grade. We work closely with these organizations from the Middle East and in Europe, and offer our mentoring programs to assist with their college preparation, applications, and acceptances into US colleges and universities.

LE•O’s support network is vital to ensure success. Considering the fact that colleges and donors invest heavily in the futures of these young people, their failure is not an option.We established our unique program to offer a broad range of services to these youth, including summer program host family placement, negotiating and understanding college scholarships, travel and visa information and guidance, cultural adjustment, graduate school application assistance and housing arrangements, internship placements, employment introductions in their countries of residence, moral support, personal development, introductions to older students already studying in the US, 24/7 emergency care, and soft skills development.

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