"In Their Own Words"

Haya: Gettysburg College, BA Mathematical Economics Major and Business Minor.
"LEO has provided a great mental support for all of us. There are many struggles that students go through when they first arrive and while they study here and as much as these struggles mold us to be strong and deal with such obstacles, sometimes we fail ourselves and need an outer voice of motivation. LEO has provided that voice 24/7 through motivation, support and guidance. In short, LE•O was here to believe in us when we did not believe in ourselves."

Christo: PhD Candidate in Economics, Binghamton University.

After completion of my bachelor’s degree, I needed to gain work experience that was essential to begin graduate studies in the United States. LE•O staff worked relentlessly to find me a host family in DC, they generously opened their home to me for five months until the start of my graduate program."

HUSSAM: PhD Candidate program in Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University.
"I have been there when you first announced LE•O, and long before. I think we need organizations like LE•O where students are monitored in many aspects until they become "actual" independents in life."

Ali: PhD Candidate Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University.
"LE•O Provides a sense of family and home for us (away from home). It also assists us whenever we need help (sometimes with advice)."

Shurouq: Is working at Deloitte during her Optional Training year and plans to pursue a Masters.
" LE•O, and Deya' in specific, has offered me a great amount of emotional support and has introduced me to several helpful contacts and expanded my network. What i love the most about L.E.O is the high sense of community they have developed and encouraged among LE•O's students and the willingness to proactively help each other."

Jasmine: Freshman, Mount Holyoke College
"So grateful for everything that's happening right now. Of course, I would've been so lost if it wasn't for LE•O, so thank you so much. I remember what you said about the angel on my shoulder, and it really keeps me optimistic and happy."

Maha: Freshman, Saint Olaf's College
"You just made me tear up again now!!
I definitely want to have a host family (I am sure this is a special one)
I am actually wordless
Thank you LE•O"

Mahmoud: PhD Candidate, at the medical college of Wisconsin in Inter-disciplinary Biomedical Science
"I'm very grateful for LE•O, they helped me become the person I am today and for helped shape my adjustment and great experience in the US."

Mohamed: Masters in Mechanical Engineering, UPENN (next year plans to pursue his PhD.)

"The services LEO offered me go well beyond financial and educational support to encompass personalized mentorship and one-on-one advice. My mentorship experience with the director has been highly valuable in my professional and personal development as I was navigating the challenging world of US ivy league schools."

Kamal: Attending Masters at North Carolina State University
"I love being a part of the LE•O Team!"

Mohannad: Undergrad at Methodist University Political Science
"Thank you very much for all what you do, LE•O. Thanks to your guidance today I started the internship. I am happy to be able to have this experience as it will add so much to my education."

Loureen: Accepted at Oxford for MST International Human Rights.
"LE•O was with me every step of the way, writing letters of introduction on my behalf, reaching out to their extensive network and guiding me in preparing the necessary documents for graduate school. They were invaluable."